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Custom Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

Why settle for jewelry that's almost right... when she can have exactly what she wants... at a price that will leave your wallet smiling?

Bring in a photo of something similar to your dream ring, or a drawing, or just tell us what you want, and we'll create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring just for her -- at a fraction over wholesale!

She'll never have to worry about bumping into another woman with the same ring, and she'll treasure you for taking the time to co-create an engagement ring that is uniquely hers. Someday her ring will become an heirloom, but today it's a symbol of your unique love for her. She's a special woman... let her know just how special!

Custom vs. Designer: What's the difference?

"Designer" is a term used to describe jewelry produced, or at least distributed, by a "big-name" jewelry company. (Tiffany & Co. is a good example of a well-known, prestigous jewelry manufacturer.) The obvious up-side to designer jewelry is, frankly, bragging rights. The down-side is price. You'll pay a significant premium to have the designer's name stamped on the inside vs. an identical piece, of identical quality, without the name. Likewise, designer jewelry is still mass produced. That doesn't necessarily mean low quality, but it does mean thousands of copies are in circulation.

"Custom" is a misused, and over-used, term in many industries. When we at William's Custom Jewelers use the term, we mean a one-of-a-kind piece designed just for you ... and designed with you ... that won't be copied and sold to anyone else. Now that has some serious bragging rights in our book, and even better ... a William's Custom Jewelers piece will invariably cost you less than a big-name item. Custom is truly the best of both worlds.

    Manufactured Custom Designer
Price   Lower Mid-Range Expensive
Quality   Low-High High High
Prestige   Medium High High
Uniqueness Low High Low


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