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From long-term, low-interest plans for those with medium credit ... to interest-free financing for those with great credit... William's Custom Jewelers has the flexibility to accommodate just about anyone!

Great Credit
Interest rates and terms vary, but the rates are usually lower than a credit card and the terms are often 4 - 5 years, allowing you maximum cash-flow flexibility.  Requirements are similar to a mortgage: good credit score, local residency, and an acceptable debt/income ratio.  Drop by and fill out an application today, or utilize our online application above -- we generally have same-day approvals! 

Medium Credit
If you've had some bruises on your credit report, we can still offer in-house financing terms up to two years!  This program will require local residency, a reasonable job history and a down payment.   Terms vary so give us a jingle and we'll work something out that fits your situation!


An often-forgotten option, layaway plans have some great benefits: not the least of which is no interest charges.  Beyond that, many layaway customers, who made their monthly layaway payments regularly, later qualified for financing with us.  Relationship building is still important, even in the 21st Century!



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