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Why settle for almost right, when she can have exactly what she wants ... at the same price as mass-manufactured jewelry?
William's Custom Jewelers has been creating dream rings at wholesale prices in Salt Lake City for 25 years.

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Rings of precious metals and rare gems have been symbols of love for thousands of years. Whether it be a platinum Tiffany solitaire, a white-gold engagement ring or an even bolder style in silver and green amethyst, the message has been the same throughout the millennia: "I love you!"

For most of us, the first style that comes to mind is the engagement ring. Halo rings in white gold surrounding, round, princess, cushion, pear-shaped and marquis diamonds have been among the most popular in recent years. This year's trends have seen a growth in popularity of rose-gold engagement rings with either diamonds or even the beautiful pink Morganite as a center gem. In Europe, it is quite common for the center gem to be either blue sapphire, ruby or emerald. This style is quickly becoming admired in the USA as well.

Beyond the halo diamond ring, cathedral styles have maintained their renown throughout the years, along with floral, vintage and the classic solitaire. DeBeers introduced the 3-stone diamond engagement ring and it has been a perennial winner for many a bride.  New in 2015 is the 2-stone diamond engagement ring symbolizing "You & I" or "Twogether," as some producers are calling it.

On the "big day" a matching wedding band of plain gold or platinum, or more often with accent diamonds, has been a tradition for hundreds of years.  Often times, the engagement ring is of a unique shape, and the matching band has to be made to fit and interlock with the diamond engagement ring.  Frequently, the two can be purchased as a matching wedding set, but when that's not available, William's Custom Jewelers can simply make a band to fit her engagement ring.  We design and create a lot of these.

Milestones in a marriage are worthy of celebration and a diamond anniversary band says, "I'd marry you all over again!"  As in the case of engagement rings, there are many styles of anniversary bands.  Some are plain gold or platinum, but most have accent diamonds.  For a splash of color, diamonds can be alternated with rubies, sapphires, emeralds or perhaps a birthstone. From the romantic Eternity Band to the timeless channel-set band, to the blow-her-out-of-the-water 3-Stone anniversary ring, the style choices are pretty much limitless.

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